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Knowledge Transfer Services
  • Implementation of Environmental Education, Training and Development Practice, level 5 learnership (in collaboration as a joint venture project)
  • Training in implementation of ISO 17025
  • Training in the management and maintenance of  ambient air monitoring stations and development of monthly reports

Contact Venetia Mitchell for further information on training.

Technical Services
  • Environmental noise survey
  • Management of ambient air monitoring systems in accordance with ISO 17025, including auditing
  • Maintenance of dust fallout monitoring networks
  • Air Emission License applications
  • Supply, installation and management of ambient air monitoring system (Airpointer)
  • Provincial emission inventory database
  • Supply, installation and calibration of continuous ambient air monitoring stations
  • Installation and maintenance of an ambient air passive monitoring programme
  • Data verification audit of an ambient air monitoring system
  • Audit of air quality monitoring stations & development of an asset management plan
  • Ambient Air Quality Study in Southern KZN

General Services
  • Development of a District Municipality Air Quality Management Plan
  • Development of the AQMP implementation manual (DEAT)
  • Specialist Review – Application for environmental authorisation for a health care risk waste treatment plant
  • Basic assessment for Agro-cultural Village
  • Development of a provincial Air Quality Management Plan
  • Review of existing Air Quality Management Plan and development of baseline assessment
  • Development of guidelines for indoor air quality in domestic environments (NDoH)
  • Audit of the ambient air monitoring system to ISO 17025
  • Basic assessment for cemetery expansion
  • Feasibility study for the implementation of a trade effluent permit system (in collaboration as a joint venture project)
  • Feasibility study for the implementation of ISO 17025 in a chemistry and microbiological laboratory
  • Development of a quality manual for the laboratory in accordance with ISO 17025
  • Audit of laboratory to ISO 17025 and implementation of action plan
  • Method development and method validation in the chemistry and microbiology laboratories
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